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Remembering Sierra Leone

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I will start this blog by remembering my visit to Sierra Leone last November and December.  I did a blog while I was there but it is interesting to notice what “sticks” from the experience.  The one thing that makes me smile when I think of it was visiting up in Kabala which is where I lived for most of the time I was in Sierra Leone.  The place had changed tremendously — some for the good and some not so much.  I hadn’t told anyone I was coming up to visit so I got to surprise them.

We arrived at the house where Fatmata was living.  She was our cook and did the “brooking” (the laundry) for us.  She is a lively person with three lovely children.  When we drove up to the house and she recognized that it was me.  She began yelling,”My grandmother is here, my grandmother is here!”  I am only about 10 years older than Fatmata so I was a little taken aback.  But it was wonderful to see her.  A lot had happened since I left.  She and her husband split up and the girls are all grown.  Somehow they all managed to survive the way, but it took its toll on all of them.


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