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Summer Appeal Season is Over

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Summer is the time when Propagation of the Faith offices throughout the country welcome missionaries to share their stories in parishes in the Dioceses. While we didn’t have as many opportunies as we would have liked, we were very blessed in the places we were able to visit. Sister Krystyna who is from Poland and works in The Gambia did two appeals for us along with Lucy Giachetti in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Sister Leonora braved a power outage in Baltimore to tell her story. (It made it more like Africa!!). Sister Geraldine and myself visited parishes in the Green Bay Diocese and found some really lovely people there. I also visited Mishawaka in the Fort Wayne/South Bend Diocese and learned some SSND history from the former Milwaukee Province. And finally I was welcomed beautifully in Lake Forest, CA. We are so grateful to these parishes for their generosity. We hope that our stories have broadened their experience of Church!


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