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World Mission Sunday

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This coming Sunday is World Mission Sunday.  I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to it until I was in Africa.  In Kabala where I lived they made a big deal of it.  The Catholic Women’s Association had sales to raise money.  It was actually preached about in Church.  I remember being appauled that people in my town were asked to contribute “for those who are in need.”  They were the ones in need.  I made a point of saying this to the parish priest when he was visiting our house.  “How could you ask these poor people to give money for the poor!?!  He looked at me kindly and simply said, “Kathy, don’t you think that the people here also want to be a part of the church?”  It was a pivotal moment for me, not only in my thinking about Mission Sunday.  I had been only thinking of the people there as receivers, as objects to put it bluntly.  His comment opened my eyes to the richness and the generosity that was right there in front of me.  So now I get angry when I go to a parish here on Mission Sunday and no mention is even made of it.  The people here are missionaries, too, by virtue of their baptism.  They should get the chance to pray and share with others throughout the world.


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