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This past weekend was the USCMA conference on the topic of Interreligious Dialogue.  We had great speakers from each of the Abrahamic traditions as well as people who are on the ground trying to participate in and encourage dialogue with other faith traditions.  One comment that came up frequently is that when we are secure in knowing our own tradition we can be open to all the ways that other traditions can gift us with other ways to come to God or live our own tradition better.  Opening ourselves to dialogue with other traditions helps us appreciate how great God is.  Dr. Scott Alexander was the final speaker and his analysis of what limits or impedes the dialogue between Christians and Muslims was very enlightening.  I found his discussion of “Universal Truths” especially thought-provoking.

The Lay Mission Helpers and Mission Doctors Associations received the Mission Award for this year.  Lay Mission Helpers is the oldest lay mission sending group in the United States.  Missionaries have donated over 2000 years of service to the Church.  Amazing!

Of course it is always good to reconnect with old friends and to meet new people who are passionate about mission.  Next year the conference will be in St. Louis!!


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