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A good practice especially at Thanksgiving

This is a spiritual practice that I was introduced to through SoulCollage (r) and was originally published in the SoulCollage (r) Neter Letter.  The author’s name and information is at the end.


The practice of Okagesamade (oh-caw-kaw-saw-ma-day) often brings tears of joy and wonder, reminding me of my place in Indra’s Net, the Web of Life. In the ancient Japanese mystical tradition, okagesamade means “thank you; because of you this moment exists.”

The practice is quite simple and especially useful when I find myself reacting to an unlovely setting or stuck in an impatient, unbalanced state of mind-those particular moments when I am having a hissy fit because life is not meeting my expectations, again! These are times when I lose sight of what is truly important.

The practice is best done as an inner ritual, silently. No one need know what you are doing.

Settle into a comfortable position, tune into your breathing, and slow it down some. Let yourself quiet down, relaxing into the Now of the present moment. Your intention is to observe the environment, becoming mindful of your connection to the invisible net of The Many, all those known and anonymous people and sentient beings who have made it possible for you to experience this specific moment. Become mindful of all those you have made cards for in your Community Suit, and also those who are not yet, and maybe never will be, represented in your deck, but still have contributed to your life.

You are consciously opening to the realization that this specific moment would not exist without these known and anonymous ones. You are becoming aware of what native people call “All my relations.”

To help you remember all those relations, you might ask the questions below or experiment with your own. Notice the images that arise in response to your questions.

  • Who built the buildings/structures around me?
  • Who designed, built, and delivered the furniture I sit upon?
  • Who gathered and delivered the materials for the buildings and furniture?
  • Who built the roads I traveled on to be where I am in this moment?
  • Before that, who pioneered and cared for the land around me?
  • What other sentient beings am I connected to in this moment?
  • Who grew, delivered, cooked and served my last meal?
  • Who invented, built, and delivered the myriad technologies I use?
  • Who cleaned and beautified this environment?
  • Who designed, made, delivered and sold my clothing?
  • Who nurtured, educated and inspired my body, mind and soul?
  • Whose thoughts, words or deeds may have saved my life–physically, emotionally, or spiritually?
  • Who befriends, encourages and loves me despite my shortcomings?
  • Who gave me life, starting with my parents and including the thousands of love stories before them?

Marti Beddoe is a SoulCollage® Facilitator, artist, and meditation teacher in Naperville, Illinois. She welcomes connecting with you at and invites you to visit her at