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Akwaaba Ghana


Arrived in Accra last night after being up for 30 hours. Flights were good if a little bumpy at times. Last flight from Amsterdam to Accra was packed. Evidently the “one carryon plus one personal item” rule is not enforced stringently in Amsterdam. Add to that all the “duty-free” shopping items and it made for a cramped airplane. I made good use of the noise cancelling earphones.

Only slow part at the airport in Accra was waiting for luggage since everyone coming had checked luggage as well. But everything else was smooth. I did feel like a bit of a fool at passport control, though. They take fingerprints and I didn’t get the idea at first that I had to put four fingers down and then my thumb alone for each hand. Duh!

Sisters Vic and Vivien were there to meet me! It was good to see a familiar face in the midst of all the sea of people waiting. It wasn’t a very long trip to our house here. It is a rented building and they are hoping to build their own Provincial House in the near future. But Accra has 24 hour electricity and they even have hot water here so i feel like I am in the lap of luxury!

The others coming for the meeting will arrive on Sunday and we begin the meeting on Monday. I’m glad for a little time to adjust my body to the time change and to coming to a warm climate.


2 thoughts on “Akwaaba Ghana

  1. Glad you ,add it safely….

  2. Made it safely!!

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