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Today a young man who often drives for the sisters (he was a taxi driver and now has a computer shop) took Vivian and I around Accra. We went to a small “strip mall” of stalls to shop. It felt good to be bargaining again. I probably still paid more that I should but it was still good to be out. We were supposed to leave at 9:00 but like usual it was around 10 when we really left. For some I was their “first customer” which usually means that you should get a good deal because if you buy it will be a blessing for the day. I did use that to my advantage. I had to be careful what I bought since my family has already gotten its share of African goods.

We made several other stops for necessities but we saw a lot of Accra in the process. It seems to be a much bigger city than Freetown in Sierra Leone. The roads are certainly better and there is a lot of building going on. But some things look very much the same.

Came home to a lunch that included fried plantain (yum). I took a two hour nap after that. It is warm here but having a ceiling fan is great.

At 6 PM we had prayer which was reflection on the Sunday readings. The quote from the Gospel — “Do whatever He tells you.” is sort of a mantra for SSND’s so the readings are meaningful to us. The image of Mary just stating the fact that they had no wine and then trusting the Jesus would do the right thing is a good one.

The rest of the sisters who are on the Development Committee arrive tomorrow. I still need to get a prayer ready for Tuesday. Didn’t know I had to do it till I got here. It will be simple.

7 AM Mass tomorrow. Can’t remember the last time I went to a 7 AM Sunday Mass. Probably when I was doing a mission appeal last summer. Good thing I go to bed earlier here (no HGTV to watch),

I think my body is getting adjusted from the jet lag. Yay!


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  1. Love plantains…yum

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