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I really am turning out to be a terrible blogger. We had a two and a half hour Mass today and I forgot to take my camera! First of all we left the house at 6:40 AM and I hadn’t had any coffee. The church is interesting. The congregation goes out in three directions from the altar. At the ends of the two longer ends tents are set up for the overflow. Of course when Mass started it didn’t look like the main part would fill up but by the Offertory every seat, inside and out, was packed!

Today the “main” choir was singing. They wear robes like graduation gowns and the women even wear mortarboards. But they were very good. The director really had them with him and the harmonies were great! I reflected on how different the singing styles are between Sierra Leone and Ghana.

There was a whole section of school children there. At the beginning of the Mass they wee welcomed so I knew it was an unusual occurence. It turns out that this week is Catholic Schools Week in Ghana also. The headmaster got up and gave a speech talking about the activities of the week. Then a group of the students got up and sang two songs. Their director was something to watch. She was very enthusiastic but had such a funny way of directing that I almost forgot to listen to the kids.

Then a man got up to talk about some special event that was coming up next week to raise money to buy new musical instruments for the church.

Then there was a second collection for St. Vincent de Paul. Then there was a special blessing for a couple who just got married yesterday. Then there were the regular announcements including announcing who had mail that had been sent to the parish post office box.

And finally there was a big announcement about a novena to be held for the 120th anniversary of the Archdiocese. This involved a complete oral listing of which groups were in charge of each evening, what choir would be singing and what the topic of the evening would be. I almost didn’t believe it when they announced the final hymn.

The good thing was that they have strong fans in the church so we didn’t get hot.

Meeting starts tomorrow. Sister Gloria came in from Kenya and Sister Joyce came in from Nigeria. Sister Mary Ann drove up from Cape Coast here in Ghana. It is good meeting new people and connecting names and faces!


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  1. I have just discovered your blog! It is very interesting to me since I live in Ghana.

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