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Development Meeting Day 1

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Meeting Space

Our meeting space.

Beds in any available space.

Beds in any available space.

Mass in the community room.

Mass in the community room.

Well I finally got a decent night’s sleep. My body must be getting closer to being on Ghana time. The other night the electricity (i.e. the FAN) went off at 10:30 PM. I was still awake when it came back on at 1:22. Thank God for audiobooks since I can’t get up and watch TV.

We had a very good meeting today. We began by looking at the General Chapter document “Love Cannot Wait” and where it inspired and challenged us. The rest of the day was spent looking at the previous work of the District of Africa Development Committee and the functions that were outlined for this committee by the Provincial Assembly.

It was very clarifying for me because I realized (once again) that we can be using the same words and meaning very different things. When they used the term “income generating projects” I was thinking about bazaars and bake sales, etc. and they were thinking of building hostels and purchasing land to do farming. It has been very interesting to hear of the discussions that have been happening in the various countries.

A big project looming over the Province of Africa is the building of a Provincial House. The current building that is used is a rented building that is becoming woefully inadequate for the growing province. For this meeting they have had to put beds in every conceivable location (see photo). The offices are out in general areas and the meeting space is small.

We ended the day with a Mass presided over by the parish priest. We had it in the community room since the chapel would not hold 8 of us plus the priest. But it was very nice to celebrate here.


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