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Yesterday was a day for input on Development in Africa, particularly on Income Generating Projects. The Province of Africa, while it is still young, knows that it will need to plan for acting independently for its future growth. We had a wonderful speaker from GIMPA which is the Ghana Institute for Management and Public Administration. Victoria has had extensive experience working with NGO’s and is now working and teaching at GIMPA. She outlined that process that must be followed to identify what projects are feasible and viable to work to implement. She was engaging and cited many real examples of how things can go well or fail.

She also spoke extensively on creating a donor base in Africa. She was practical but also very encouraging. It gave our committee much to consider. It was also encouraging that she mentioned things that we had also already considered.

In the afternoon Sister Germaine of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus delighted and challenged us more by her very being than by the words that she said, although those were profound and challenging. She spoke of the struggles of her congregation who, as she said it, had “no mother or father.” They are a completely African community and so had no American or UK or European support. What impressed all of us the most was her passion. Even though she spoke of the suffering they have gone through as a community she had energy and passion for the road ahead. She was almost like the perfect case study for the morning’s presentation. We all felt that we need to find ways to capture that passion in our own lives.

Today was PACKED with taking all the info and input from the past three days and putting it into some practical form for the province. We struggled to keep ourselves clear about the What, who, when and how. We were finishing just as the priest arrived to have Mass for us. Whew! But we all felt that the time was profitable and well-spent.

Then…surprise, surprise we had pizza for supper. Not quite Imo’s but it was good — especially with a Star Beer!!

Well, off to bed. We leave at 5 AM tomorrow for Cape Coast so we can arrive in time for the school Mass at Mary Queen of Peace School. This is Catholic Education Week.


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