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On to Cape Coast

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Got up at 4 AM to be ready to travel to Cape Coast by 5 AM. We actually got on the road by 5:10 so not bad. Getting through Accra took an hour. It is a big city! They even have some six lane highways here. But since the road cut through the middle of a community, many people are crossing this busy road. Kind of scary. When the road went down to two lanes the problem was slow moving trucks and eager to speed taxis. I closed my eyes more than once.
We left early so that we could be in Cape Coast by 8 to attend the Mass at the Mary Queen of Peace school. We arrived by 7:45 and even had time for a cup of coffee. The priest was a little late in getting there but the singing was lively as the 400+ students were waiting. One girl who was leading the singing was really good and seemed to sing effortlessly. I got some little videos that I need to edit. Mary Ann clued me in that the little ones are funny when they do the kiss of peace so I positioned myself so I could see this. They are cute. They start with 3 year olds.
Later we went around and visited the classrooms. Right now there are four SSND’s in the school. Sister Mary Ann is the headmistress, Judy and Regina teach and right now there is a novice who is helping in class 2. All the little ones were eating their lunch when we visited their room so I went back to the 3 year olds later and had them sing for me. Cute.
One wonderful surprise was finding a old friend teaching in the school. Gertrude had been a member of our community but left after all the troubles with the war in Sierra Leone. I had lived with her in two communities so it was wonderful to see her again after all these years.
Tomorrow we go to the beach!


One thought on “On to Cape Coast

  1. Give my greeting to all in cape coast. I spent 71/2 years there with Sr. Maryann, vic, Gloria, plus others. I enjoy your blog, newsletters, etc. Blessings on your stay and safe return to the US. Anna, pbvm

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