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The last thing that I wrote was a bit about our trip up from Kumasi to Sunyani. The trip is supposed to take 2 hours. We left Kumasi at 2 PM and were taking the “shortcut” through town. At the end of the shortcut we had to once again join the main road. I don’t know what caused the initial delay but when we got there it seemed that no one was moving. The road onto which we were turning had two big trucks on it and they weren’t moving. We edged into a left turn and before we knew it there were about four lanes turning left. The vehicles that were going in the direction of the right were completely blocked by us. It was utter chaos and then a vehicle that was turning onto the road we were on died as it tried to turn. I thanked God I wasn’t driving!

We arrived in Sunyani a little after 5 PM. The Novitiate site is really lovely. The house is built in a rectangle with a nice courtyard in the center. Every room opens on to this courtyard. The novices are not here just now because they are on their apostolic experience. So it is just the permanent community here. We had a lovely supper even with ice cream with mango sauce for dessert. Since I didn’t know several of the sisters, it was a good time to get to know them. Both Mara and Delia who are the novice directors I did know. They are both leaving within the next week to visit the novices at their ministry sites.

We went to the Cathedral on Monday morning for Mass. There was a good crowd there and the singing was lively. The Mass was in Twi, the local language so I needed to just use the non-verbal clues to know where we were in the Mass. On Monday people bring bottles of water to be blessed for the week. And anyone with a birthday comes up to get a blessing. They also did that at the student Mass in Cape Coast.

The rest of that day was a restful day. I was still finishing the minutes of the development meeting so I was grateful for the time. It was relaxing. The other thing that was good was how cool it is here. I was actually cold in the morning when I got up! We had to leave for Mass at 6 AM so it was dark but the full moon was shining down and made for a beautiful sight. Throughout the day there were strong winds which they say never happens here. It was like Harmattan in Sierra Leone. The electricity went out for about six hours which they say is not unusual.

Tuesday is a visit to Notre Dame Secondary School.


2 thoughts on “Sunyani

  1. Thanks, Kathy for doing this. It’s a delight for me to follow your trip.

  2. I just signed up for the Blog so neat to see mention of Mara!Hope all is well with her and the novices.

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