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On the Bus

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Today we traveled back down country. S. Irmina and I stopped in Nsawam and S. Mara traveled on to Accra. She flies to Kenya tomorrow. It seems that really the easiest way to go is on the bus. So we got up early to get to the bus station. The tickets had been bought yesterday, but you have to pay for your bags according to the size. They said mine cost 5 cedis and on the ticket they printed they said it wieghed 71 kilograms! I couldn’t move it if it weighed that much but I wasn’t going to argue over about a dollar extra.

We had assigned seats which was good. The bus was air conditioned which was also good. The first part of the trip a loud radio station was on and if it was in English I couldn’t understand it. I tried to block it out. After we made our first stop in Kumasi, they showed videos. They were Nigerian movies. The first one was called “A World Apart” It was sort of a cross between Cinderella and Pygmalion. The second was call “Christ in Me”. I never got to see the end of it because we arrived in Nsawam, but it was very confusing and had instances of spells being put on people. I hope it ended well.

At the rest stops you pay for a ticket to use the toilets. Kumasi was very iffy, but the second one was better. They even had rolls of toilet paper outside that you could tear off and take in with you.

When we arrived in Nsawam the sisters said to just take a taxi and tell them you wanted to go to the Orthopedic Center. Everyone knows where that is. Well. lucky us we found the only taxi driver in Nsawam who had no idea where we wanted to go. To his credit, he did stop along the way and ask but got some bad information. Finally he stopped and asked a student walking on the road who got in the cab and directed him.

We arrived!!

We knew that S. Liz was in Accra so we asked one of the men who was on the compound to help. He got the key and let us in to the house. Inside there was a note inviting us to eat food that was warming in the stove. It tasted great especially with cold water.

After resting a little Cecelia took me out to see the resident alligators. There are two of them that have been on this compound for a long time. They seem well fed so I guess I wouldn’t worry about them. They also have a few other animals that make up the zoo here…a parakeet, a cutting grass, rabbits and one monkey.

More tomorrowl


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