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Nsawam Notre Dame Clinic

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Got to go with S. Cecelia today to the clinic. I had seen pictures before but seeing it in real life was so much better. We went early before the clinic was scheduled to open but even then some patients had arrived. The routine is very orderly even if at times the crowd of people makes it look like it isn’t.

The clinic must keep the notebook in which the history of the patient is recorded. So each folder must be located before the process can begin. This is not the automated system of US clinics. It is often tedious because there may be two people with the same name or one person who has used two different names. Once the folder is located and it is determined whether the patient has insurance, then the patient can be called into the correct room. There is a room for wound care, one for immunizations, two for other medical problems and a place for prenatal and postnatal care.

The maternity building was just finished two years ago but has a nice maternity ward, a delivery room and a room that is used for circumcisions, two overnight beds for patients that need to stay and offices.

The curtains around the beds in the maternity ward are made out of the special cloth that was made for the new province. It looks really nice. On Fridays the staff wear their clothes that are made out of the cloth.

A lot of the patients have malaria. Many suffer from hypertension and a good deal of people suffer from diabetes. Many of the wound care patients are also diabetic.

Cecelia had asked to midwives to let us know if there was a delivery that I could watch, but that didn’t happen until we were gone home for lunch — rats! But I did get to watch a circumcision. It was a little more complicated that I had thought it would be and my heart went out to the little guy. But the midwife was very careful to suture the blood vessels and make a clean margin. So I guess that was the highlight of the day!

Pictures in the next post.


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