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Left Nsawam at 7 AM to go to Accra. I had a meeting with Mary Kerber to get caught up on the procedures that are being put in place for some of the work that I do. But first stop on our route was the airport. Meg is a novice who has been in Nsawam during her apostolic phase of the Novitiate. She has been helping at the Orthopedic Center and is doing a great job. Her mother was coming from Nigeria for a short visit so it was very exciting to be able to be there with her to greet her mother. I love airports in the arrival hall. So much happiness.

From the airport they took me to the Provincial House and so Meg’s mother got to see everyone there. I think it is very good for her to see where Meg has been living with her own eyes.

Vic and I gave Mary a summary of the Development Meeting and then we were able to cover all the other business. So it was very good to have the time. Mary took me back to Nsawam. Actually it is more like driving from Ripa to St. Charles. (Only the traffic can get a little worse.)

One of the SVD’s came to our house for a 5:30 Mass. It was very nice…and then we had hamburgers and french fries for supper!

I’m trying to consolidate all my luggage so I don’t have to bring a carryon to the plane.


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  1. Thanks for such familiar info to me. Special greetings to both cecelia and Liz. Blessings to you and all ssnd. Anna, pbvm

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