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Last full day

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I spent part of this morning trying to organize a bit more. I don’t know why it always looks like I don’t try even when I do. I moved my things into the little office they have so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.

There is a little boy who Liz calls her grandchild because she knew his father when he was a child here at the center. He is a “little” spoiled by the sisters. He wanted me to play computer games with him. I found him a few he could play but I had to watch. so the morning went quickly.

On Sunday they have the main meal here at 1 PM. Cecilia BBQ’d beef steaks, we had rice, veggies and salad that Liz prepared and then ice cream and chocolate cake made by Cecilia. YUM. Brother comes up for lunch, Fr. Wilfred comes and today they had Meg’s mom and myself as well. So it was a nice group.

Meg and her Mom went to the parish for Mass today. On the way home someone gave her a big container of palm wine. Haven’t had that too often in the past 20 years. It was the morning tapping so it was fresh and sweet. I’m glad I got some before I left!

I think I wrote about the alligators they have here but I don’t think I put the picture up so I will do that in the next post.


One thought on “Last full day

  1. Enjoy reading your posts, KAthy. THanks

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