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Fire Destroys Hostel

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We received this news from Sister Joyce Nyakwama, SSND, who is the Principal of Notre Dame Secondary School, Mkar, Nigeria.

June 15th, at exactly 8.00 pm, a fire whose source we do not yet know, razed down the right wing of the old convent that is used as hostel for 50 of our students. Despite the fact that the students lost literally everything, we are so grateful to our dear and faithful protector God that there were no casualties or injuries. Students were in class for their night studies when this happened.

The right wing of the hostel burnt to a condemned state while the left wing of the hostel was finally saved by a generous crowd of youth and adults, men and women who responded to our cry of distress. Our parish priest, Fr. Michael Dogo was first at the scene. Really the gesture from everybody was just overwhelming. Even our bishop, Most Rev. William Avenya was at the scene in 30 minutes time and he, like everybody else was helping to put off the fire. He later addressed the students calling for calm among them, prayed over and blessed them. It is coincidental that Sr. Vic , a Provincial Councilor was with us in community on visitation when it happened.

We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we now embark on assessing the cause of the fire, soliciting for assistance to the students who lost everything, in particular JSS 3 (Junior Secondary Students, year 3)students who, upon completion of the BECE (Basic Education Certificate Exams) examinations, had packed all their note books and text books in the same hostel as they were preparing to leave for their long vacation on Saturday 21st of June, and reconstruction of the virtually condemned section of the hostel. Please see attached pictures.

Sister Joyce in front of the destroyed hostel,

Sister Joyce in front of the destroyed hostel,




One thought on “Fire Destroys Hostel

  1. I am so sorry for the loss. What can we so to help?

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