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Sisters from the Kiptere Community in Kenya sent this picture and information.

Sister Jacinta

Sister Jacinta is welcomed home to Kiptere.

The larger community of St Francis comprising the Parish Church and schools celebrated Sr Jacinta Kanini’s homecoming after her perpetual vows celebration. She was dressed in the cultural way as a woman in Kalenjin* community. This shows the love and oneness that these people have with SSND. Many young girls were encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Sr Kanini who was celebrated. This event strengthened our sense of solidarity with the people we serve and promoted unity among the Christians. There was lots of dancing, singing, jubilation and speeches by different groups.

*Kalenjins are one of the major tribes in Kenya


3 thoughts on “

  1. Congratulations, S Jacinta!

  2. I can imagine sights, people, sounds, everything of this wonderful celebration Kanini. Wish I had been there to celebrate such love and joy…I do in my heart and spirit. Thanks to you all in Kiptere..St. Francis Parish and School for showing such love and appreciation of our sister Kanini.
    I am happy with and for you all and thank God for Kanini and all of you!!

  3. Congratulations, S. Jacinta! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

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