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Planting a Future Promise

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Vocation Directors

SSND Vocation/Affiliate Directors from the five countries in which we serve in Africa met recently in Cape Coast, Ghana. Sister Pauline Muoti sent this report.

Formation is a communal process, a service that is offered to a person who is discerning God’s plan. It is a stage that assists the growth in an individual’s journey. We experience formation through our integration of personal and our SSND values to make one and be about the mission. The formators are there to help the new person coming in to the community, to see if her story fits with SSND story regarding their traditions, folktales, theology and customs.

It was with an inmost joy that the gathering of sisters, vocation/affiliate animators at Cape Coast community, Ghana, shared and deliberated on how to cultivate a way forward to planting a future promise. God calls us to nurture our own vocation as we listen to our names being called each moment, every day. This was like comparing our Call with a minute, little seed sowed on the ground, and nurtured to maturity to produce a hundredfold. During the first session, we were called to hold gentle our own vocation story and reflect on how it has been encouraged, strengthened or tested throughout the years as School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The sessions were crowned with moments of fun and exchange of gifts.

the four eleanor plus
Vocation Promotion Ministry welcomes and invites all to be involved and to continue to open our doors to those who feel called.



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