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Sharing Our Love and Our Hope!

By Sr Lucy Etim.

St Francis’ Girls, Kiptere Shalom Club members marked the end of a week program of women’s day celebration by visiting our friends in Kericho town. On a beautiful, Saturday  morning we embarked on a journey to Kericho town to visit children in the “Living with Hope Centre.” A Centre managed by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart.


St Francis Girls High School Shalom club members with the group of former street boys and staff

The first group we visited was a group of former street boys. This  group which is made up former street boys who were  rescued from the streets  and are helped to reconnect with their families. The Street children’s  program at the Living with Hope Centre uses  three ‘Rs’ to work with the street boys i.e. Rescue, Rehabilitate and Repatriate.

The second group we visited at “Living with Hope Centre”  are children living with HIV. These children have  health challenges that are being managed at the Centre. We spent our day in the two homes sharing, chatting and making friends with the children.

IMG_0136.JPG Kids sick
Shalom Club members visit with friends at Living With Hope Centre

“As women of integrity who have been empowered, we felt the need to reach out to other people to empower and support them”.

It was a very enriching experience for each of the Shalom club members We shared experiences and encouraged one another in life. Some of the stories were very touching and triggered emotions.

In sharing of their experiences, the girls became more appreciative of the life and gifts/opportunities  they have. Listening to the stories of these young people among many others have called me to be more attentive to the many voices that cry out around  us and open our hearts to reach out as Christ would. Let us be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in this year  of consecrated life. God bless you!

Lucy in another women's day

Sr Lucy Etim with the Shalom Club at a Women’s day Celebration.